Hidden Communication Lanyard badges

During COVID we provided lanyards and badges to children and adults who were hard of hearing or  had reduced visibility. this reduced the difficulties that wearing masks brought them. 

Due to the success of this, we have thought of other areas that the same challenges may be supported by using a simple lanyard. all badges come with a Lanyard, if you have a specific colour needed, please let us know and we will do our best to help.

We ask for a donation of £2 for the lanyard and the badge  + postage of £3.50 for up to 10 badge/lanyard sets . Please email us to request  or if you would like orders of more than 10. (Mixed orders are available)


All donations can be made via the website or at paypal@oakleystitchers, please indicate 'lanyard' and your name/email as a reference and to enable us to link the payment to the email request.



Trying to remind people that they needed to stay away and keep their distance was often difficult during COVID. Oakley Stitchers provided and continue to provide these lanyards and badges to those who needed others to be aware of their shielding status or distance need.

Visibility awareness

Having sight issues caused many to need a way of providing additional information for others to keep a distance. 

Often wearers with reduced visual or spatial awareness were unable to keep the distance they would have liked to. Therefore having a way to alert others to help by keeping their distance, helped reassure many wearers that others would keep them safe.

Hard of hearing / lip readers

There are many people who need to lip read for a variety of reasons. These badges alert others to be aware or indicate the need for them to remove their masks, which enable lip reading to be possible.

"Please slow down"

Many children and adults can find certain situations move too fast for them. 

In turn, This can make them feel they do not understand what is happening around them, heightening anxiety and distress. 

Having a clear way of helping others understand this need before it becomes overwhelming can be a useful aid.

"Please give me space"

Some people can find others being to close  or feeling the need to touch, hold or give them a hug very unpleasant. 

Resulting reactions can be very negative if others don't understand. Having an easy way to communicate this politely often helps and saves any embarrassment, especially in social situations.

"Its too noisy!"

There are some places or situations that can seem very noisy or 'busy' to some children or adults. This can become very distracting, bring on anxiety, fear or result in challenging behaviours that can be misunderstood. 

Sometimes this is managed with earphones/protectors which can seem strange to those who don't have an understanding. Other times a quiet place may be sought to regroup.

These lanyard badges can be useful to manage others understanding of the situation while enabling the wearer to regroup again.