Knitted Knockers were created by an amazing group of Ladies in America as a comfortable knitted alternative prosthetic option for women who have survived cancer ... and have the scars to prove it!

Oakley Stitchers have teamed up with Knitted to provide these beautifully made knockers free of charge to those needing them in the U.K.

Our Knitted knockers are here to provide you with the confidence, to feel like you again. 

They are made from 100% cotton to give them a soft luxurious feel against sensitive skin.

As each lady will have had a different experience during their journey to date and no person is ever the same they are made, just for you. 

As such, neither are our knockers. Each set are unique and will adjust to fit you as you would like them to.

They are stuffed with a hypoallergenic stuffing and with your help, will contour to your body perfectly. Allowing you to confidently move on with your life again.

Our Aqua-knockers

When you are ready to brave the open water....

These specific knockers are designed to be worn in water.

They are make from an acrylic wool, which copes with being wet better than wool or Cotton. they are stuffed with a netting to prevent them becoming waterlogged , making them easier to swim in and get dry.


I was having problems with my hospital prosthetic (stuck up with tape in places😢) and getting a new one so I decided to try one and have never regretted it. I had my mastectomy in 1997 so am very fortunate. You can reassure ladies there is life after a mastectomy and at nearly 87 I am grateful. It is so good there is more support now. 


messages received

Here are some of the lovely messages we have received. 

We value all of the comments we receive and love to hear how you get on.

Dear Oakley Stitchers

Thank you so much for the pack you sent me. 

What a lovely thoughtful way to package everything up as well.

 I am more than happy with my new knockers.

 This has really cheered me up

 best Wishes


Hi All

I got the fab knockers few days back. Thankyou soooo much. 

They are great. 

Scary at first as they looked Very big, but as you said I did remove some of the stuffing to get them to fit me better. 

Please pass on my thanks if u can to Barbara and Caroline who made them.   

Much appreciated 


Dear Oakley Stitchers,

I have just received my aqua knockers.. they are absolutely amazing! Very comfortable. 

Thank you so much.  The information inside was perfect. I opened it,  well,my little boy actually helped open it! 

(He loves opening the post with me!) And everything  fell out.

 The info leaflet I've found today for my aqua knockers is perfect!

Thank you so much again.


HI Stitchers


Thank you so much. It (the KK) arrived on Saturday and you were right, it was huge!! But I’ve taken lots of the filling out and it’s now fitting really nicely. It’s actually a bit strange to be evenly matched again after such a long time; I think it will take a while to get used to it. But I'm very happy, and grateful for your support. Thank you.

Very best wishes

Nicki x

Hello Stitchers,

Just to let you know that I have received my knockers and they are fab! 

I have ordered some new bras to use them with 

so hoping they will look great. 

Anyway, thank you so so much 



 All you kind caring stitchers 

Thank you for my knitted knockers which will improve my body image considerably. At the very least my belly will look smaller now my chest looks bigger. All joking aside I was very moved by your parcel of love and good wishes.

To be the recipient of such generosity of spirit moved me and I will be grateful to all you lovely ladies especially you Caroline.

Thank you so much,      


 Dear Stitchers,

My knocker arrived today and its perfect. Thank you ever so much x  


 Hello Caroline and you lovely ladies.

I gave my friend, your lovely knitted knocker. To say she was overwhelmed is an understatement. She was very emotional and extremely grateful for your generous gift. 

I haven't seen her since I gave her the booby due to the weather, but she has worn it in her home.

Thank you so much to all you lovely ladies.