Neonatal and Premature baby snuggle packs

Having a baby can be a truly frightening time for both new and seasoned parents. However, nothing prepares you for having your baby needing help in the first few hours, days or months. 

Our Baby snuggle packs are provided to ensure that each new baby has a  few essentials to get started. 

Parents can gain comfort knowing that their baby will have some items of their own and a memory to keep forever.

your babies snuggle pack will contain *:

  • a blanket
  • booties/socks
  • a hat
  • a knitted toy to hold
  • 2 bonding squares to keep with them and you. These ensure that your baby gets to know you by smell.

*every item cannot be guaranteed in each pack


safe hands

Weighted hands for anxious babies

We all know that a cuddle makes us feel secure and safe. These hands are designed for anxious new born babies that need additional comfort. 

Traffic light hats

helping staff identify the risk

British hospital nurseries are requesting red, orange/yellow, and green hand knit or crocheted hats for newborn preemie babies. The hats signal the level of care needed for their little patients at a  glance. 

These hats are provided to units for Free. 


 Are you a baby unit that would like more information on how to receive these packs?

These packs are only available via your midwife or maternity unit, if you thing they would be helpful to the unit you are working with, please contact us, providing a contact name on :