How Have We Helped?
and a huge thank you for the support we've had!

We have helped out with lots or projects in our local area and also outside of Hampshire.

Head Quaters

This group couldn't have gone anywhere without the amazing Caroline who utilised her outside space for the group to drop off/collect everything they need to get the jobs done in a covid safe way.

We recognised that due to the nature of COVID and the Lockdown rules, we needed to find a solution which kept us all safe, protected the sheilders and yet still enabled Stitchers to find everything they needed to provide the service we managed to. 

so.. we bought in bulk by raising money with the help of our amazing community and beyond. Which provided the sundries we needed and provided a central place for people to collect materials without contact and bring  donations of material for us to turn into items needed by front line staff.

Bringing a smile in a tough time!

We supplied Scrubs, hats and Masks and many other items, to well over 300 individuals, organisations from Eyre in Scotland, Central London, Norfolk, Kent, Devon and Wales.... and so many more!

Kid's Thank You Cards

Our local children have been working hard to produce thank you notes that go in our scrubs to say Thank You to our Front line workers.

every set of scrubs went out with an inspirational  message for the person from a child in our village.

We had so many comments about these and some of the units were pinning them onto their noticeboards or even just on windows to remind them all that we were thinking of them and could not thank them enough.

Our Members

Every single person within the group has had a role in creating, organising, donating, receiving working behind the scenes etc etc. 

Every one of our members are a true asset to our group and its been a true pleasure and honour to work along side them all. 

The whole team support each other to achieve our best. 

Each member has benefited from been a part of a valued friendship group who have got each other through some difficult moments. 

It has been inspiring to be part of a group that  actively answer each others queries, provide guidance, bring amazing ideas to the table and even teach each other new skills.

Lucy Light as an example wanted to help. She couldn’t sew and wasn’t sure how she could assist at all. She started cutting patterns to enable the sewers to get going with scrubs as they joined.... she has since learned to sew, has a machine and creates the most beautiful masks. 

Helping local business.

We have provided mask boxes for our local residents at The Wool Shop in Kempshott, Oakley and Overton Surgery, The Fox pub in Newfound and V&B Butchers in Oakley with the aim of helping increase footfall to local businesses.

A huge thanks to these businesses.... by supporting and collecting money for our masks, we have been able to raise funds to continue our amazing work!

Hospitals and Doctors surgeries

We have and continue to support our local Doctors surgery with masks, scrubs etc. We have provided them with a box of masks and distancing lanyards to provide to their  vulnerable patients.

Southampton Childrens ward received many sets of  child friendly scrubs and some teddy masks, as they were finding that children coming for appointments were anxious talking to masked staff, and having one for a teddy reduced this anxiety.

We sent a couple of sets of scrubs up to a doctor at the Royal Derby Hospital.

We Supplied scrubs, hats and masks to staff at Mile End hospital in London.

Our London Prison service medical teams.

We have Provided 100’s of scrubs, hats and masks to the medical teams within our central London Prisons. We found it very distressing that the medical staff working with the inmates were feeling that no-one would want to help them ..... well of course we did!


Occasionally we used the Volunteer Bikers who set up to provide the transport of scrubs, healthcare equipment and PPE around the country during lockdown.

Knitted Knockers

We affiliated with knitted knockers USA who were founded by the amazing Barb. She knew there was a softer more kind way to help ladies post mastectomy, pre reconstruction to feel confident and comfortable again. We have provided knockers to 100's of ladies throuought the UK on various stages of their journey.

Maternity and neonatal units

Stitchers supporting poorly babies was something very close to many of our Stitchers hearts therefore providing a range of knitted and stitched items to help was high on the list of areas to support.

The pink and Blue Place in Basingstoke

A huge thank you to the amazing staff who provide such support and help to men and ladies in the local area dealing with Cancer. Stitchers have been very proud to help support them with their online support and activity group. 

The Pink Place (and Blue Space for Men) offer FREE wellbeing services, support, complementary therapies, hair & wig services, counselling and Mindfulness to ladies & gents affected by cancer, from initial diagnosis, throughout treatment and beyond…

For more info, email: or Tel/ WhatsApp 07899 970841

What a great organisation an fab group of people!!

Supporting cancer patients on their journey

By providing a range of items to cancer wards around the UK. We provide items for teams to support patients and let survivors know there are people out there thinking of them while on an emotional and challenging journey.


Basingstoke & Dean Council

A massive thank you from our local council who didn't let our services go unnoticed!

Supporting our essential services

We continue to provide support to our front line services including our local ambulance, fire and police service.


recognition from our local Mayor!

Wow!!! we weren't expecting that!!!

Thank you everyone who put a word in for us. This was very special!

4-Max Models Ltd

A huge shout out and thank you to 4-Max Models Ltd have been amazingly generous, subsidising the postage costs and allowing us to use their courier company to send packages around the country.


Huge thank you to Cutting edge fabrics, Brighton Hill and Pack Lane Wool Shop, Kempshot for their ongoing support

A massive thank you to both of these local businesses. 

We have enjoyed an amazing symbiotic relationship over COVID which we hope has brought mutual support over this difficult time.

Both are on line so please support them too x.

Emma jane Hodgson - 
Graphic designer

A huge thank you to Emma for drawing, graphic designing and creating our gorgeous Stitcher, making us so recognisable. 

An amazingly talented illustrator, normally specialising in Kawaii animal drawings, fashion including footwear, bags, stationary and custom art. This brave lady took on a mission for us and WOW....just WOW!! our fab Stitcher arrived. 

To see more... visit:



who have we been helping  so far...

We helped to provide Knitted and Sewn items free of charge to requests of help.

To date we have supported:

  • Hospices
  • Hospitals
  • Care homes
  • Doctors surgeries
  • Dentists
  • individual NHS and non NHS front line workers
  • Ambulance services
  • Police
  • Fire service
  • London Prison service
  • Mental health services
  • Surgical teams
  • Childrens wards
  • Cancer Survivors
  • Neo Natal Units name a few!


Oakley Stitchers Team

Our mission is to use our skills and hobbies to provide support to others.


Creator and co-ordinator

WOW! what a journey!. this has been a real eye opening experience and I have been truly humbled by the generosity, skill and kindness that I have found in my community and beyond.

To have instigated something that has brought so much to so many is, to be honest, just overwhelming. 

There is just nothing better than a true win/win for the Stitchers themselves and the recipients of the items they create = a full circle of smiles... perfect.

This is totally a team effort and none of this would have been possible without every one of the Stitchers, donators and supporters.

The fact that everyone wants to keep it going, says it all. 

Thank you team for trusting me and helping make this happen.

Jill Gibson

Chief Haranguer

Jill has been a total gem! stepping in and taming the Facebook side of things and, in her words, being chief haranguer! 

When you meet a total power house with the most massive heart (a phone book with EVERYONE in it and the brains to tame facebook)you know that you have come across someone very special and totally amazing.... Jill is certainly that! 

Instigating the Alzheimer's trial was truly inspirational and this has brought a whole new dimension to the Stitchers. We now have our fingers crossed that some of the ideas we came up with, become a way of helping the anxiety and distress of Alzheimer and dementia patients, across the UK and beyond!

Thank you Jill xx


Stitching & Sewing

Stitchers, knitters & Sewists

We have of 60 active people who continue to donate their time and efforts into helping and over 150 members on our Facebook page. We are always looking for new members to assist with our continuing orders so don't hesitate to contact us and we can let you know what our current need is.

Non Stitchers/Sewers

Other Skills

We have a lot of people who want to help but don't know how to knit or sew. If you have some spare time and want to help out, get in contact with Caroline who can let you know what there is to help with.